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Typical Haus Brezel Puppies

"Xoltan Progeny"


Haus Brezel German Shepherds
V Xoltan vom Haus Brezel, Sch. 3
2 0 0 5     D U T C H     Y O U T H     S I E G E R
2 0 0 5     U S A     Y O U T H     V I C E     S I E G E R

Sire: VA1 Sieger: Burschy zum alten Eichenhof, Sch. 3 IPO3
Dam: VA1 Siegerin: Acka vom Seebachtal, Sch. 3 FH12
Haus Brezel German Shepherds


Jakop vom Haus Brezel

I purchased Jakop from you a year ago. He is one of Xoltan's offspring. I have absolutely been blessed. He was by far the easiest German Shepherd I have ever trained. He goes with me everywhere and is just shy of being a fully registered service dog.

Everywhere we go, people can't get over how beautiful he is. He loves the attention...

When I visited your site today, I was very excited to see Ando... would you put me on your list for a female pup? Thank you for choosing such a wonderful boy from Xoltan for me.

Kristen Cassady
Mt. Ulla, N.C.


Nemo v Haus Brezel, a.k.a. "Jager"

Dam: V Vana v Kraichbach, Sch. 2

Proud owner: Mary Leonidas of Asheville, NC


Nicca v Haus Brezel, German Shepherd Pupppy
Nicca v Haus Brezel
Vana v Kraichback
Hi Toni,

Karen and I have been dog owners our entire lives.  We have mostly been involved with Labs.  Nicca was our first adventure with the German Shepherd breed.  Needless to say, we were a bit apprehensive.  I can now honestly say that Nicca is everything we could have asked for.  Excellent confirmation, wonderful disposition, and extremely intelligent.  Her looks speak for herself.  She is nothing short of stunning.

Gregg Jackman & Family
BMW Corp. Exec.
Greenville, SC


Bonnie v Haus Brezel
Dam: Laila v Sommerod, Sch. 1


Valexie vom Haus Brezel, German Shepherd female

Valexie vom Haus Brezel, German Shepherd female

Valexie vom Haus Brezel
Dam:  V Nube v Magisterdamm, Sch 3


As a proud grandma of hundreds of dogs, I wanted to let you know how we are doing. Lexi is 11 months old now and a doggie school prodigy. I started training her AKC at 4.5 months which is earlier than they recommend. Although she was quite a spirited handful, I knew she was ready and would welcome something to occupy her inquisitive mind. I have demanded a lot from her as a trainer, and she has delivered, capturing concepts with ease. She is highly extroverted and social. She is the superstar of the neighborhood. The children yell her name in delight when they see her and wait in line to pet her. When she gets full grown, I will start tug-a-war competitions with the neighborhood kids, four kids versus Lexi. She is very affectionate, the kissiest dog I ever had. At 11 months, we are entering novice level AKC and she works off leash. She is strong, smart, spirited, courageous, funny, beautiful, and very social... everything I wanted in a dog. I take her to dog day care once a week to play with the other dogs when I am at my DC job, and the attendants tell me she defends the puppies and small dogs if the larger dogs bully them. She naturally helps me with my hearing impairment by drawing my attention to anything in my perimeter, but she is not an indiscriminate barker. Thunderstorms do not make her flinch. Thank you for all the meticulous care you have taken in breeding. I am your biggest fan. The photos are at 7 months when we were snowshoeing in the 50 inch snow storm. Karen

Karen Myers
Annadale, VA


Romolus vom Haus Brezel, German Shepherd male Romolus vom Haus Brezel, German Shepherd Male

Romolus vom Haus Brezel
Dam:  V Nube v Magisterdamm, Sch 3

Hello Toni,

Romol is doing great. He now weighs 85 pounds and has developed into a handsome German Shepherd. Along with his looks, he enjoys a high level of intelligence, super temperament, and excellent house manners.

People gravitate to him wherever we go and are amazed at his calm, friendly demeanor. He is especially good around children. This great attitude towards people doesn't diminish his confidence level or courage. He focuses on anything out of the ordinary and meets it head on.

Thank you and others involved in Romol's early life. He is the perfect dog for our family.

-The Bowdens
Chester, VA


Travis vom Haus Brezel
Dam:  V Riva vom Haus Brezel, Sch. 2
We are very thankful for finding Haus Brezel and Travis who is now 11 months old. Over the past 45 years, I have had the pleasure of 4 other German Shepherds, and all were wonderful. Travis has exceeded all of our expectations. His temperament and personality are fantastic, and he is the smartest and most loving dog we have had. At the same time, he brings the sense of safety and security to our our home that people expect with a Shepherd. We were very impressed with your kennel. We have visited numerous locations, and were usually taken aback at the conditions. Not only were your grounds well maintained and the dogs obviously well cared for, but you could tell that several of the dogs were family members. I can only hope that when the time comes for our next Shepherd that you are still in business, because we would look nowhere else.

The Pardoll Family
Charlotte, NC



Voodoo vom Haus Brezel, German Shepherd dog
Voodoo vom Haus Brezel
Dam: V Nube vom Magisterdamm, Sch. 3

Dear Toni:
Just want to tell you that our puppy is doing beautifully and is such a wonderful being. He is so curious and playful, already very bonded with my 3 children, my husband and myself. He is so dear. He is absolutely gorgeous, with a beautiful coat and expression. He is also so smart and utterly adorable. We have all fallen in love with him.

So thank you, Toni. He is a very special addition to our family and our life.

Warmest Regards
Dr. Lynne Zeavin
New York, NY



Romulus vom Haus Brezel, German Shepherd dog
Romulus vom Haus Brezel
Dam: V Nube v Magisterdamm, Sch. 3

Hello Toni:

Just a note to let you know my pup Karma vom Haus Brezel is doing great. I found two trainers to help me with her, they are very impressed with her intelligence as well as her drive. All is well and we love her very much. She is an absolute joy to have in our lives. I don't remember the last time I was so excited about anything as I am about this gorgeous pup. I go out of my way to take her somewhere every day and I never go anywhere without her. She is a true member of the family and she loves us very much. As I told you before, I waited for years to chose a pup... she was worth the wait. You helped me pick the exact puppy I have been searching for, for so long... I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Lee Ann Thomas
Amarillo, TX

Karma vom Haus Brezel
Dam:  V Riva vom Haus Brezel, Sch. 1


Bronson vom Haus Brezel
Bronson vom Haus Brezel

Hello Toni,

Bronson is a great friend.  He is so handsome, the red in him is so beautiful.  I have him trained on hand signals and he is so smart!   Having a hard time getting him to be aggressive, he loves everybody.

Duane Fisher



Hi Toni,

It has been a while since I have spoken to you. Isn't Bo Beautiful! Our Family has truly been having a blast with Bo. Whatever you do with your German Shepherds is magical. I have owned German Shepherds all of my life and I love each and everyone of them, but never have I owned one with such personality and kindness. Toni, I honestly can go on and on about Bo. When Nicole graduates she wants a male from you, I don't know if my son will leave home because of Bo (I am not kidding.) He has been a blessing to us all and I wanted to take the time out to thank you.

Ellen T. Schepps
Chester, NY
Mike vom Schwarzbachkai, aka Bo
Mike vom Schwarzbachkai aka Bo
Dam: Hera vom Schwarzbachkai, Sch. 2

Max von Schwarzbachkai
9 mo. old male pup
Typical Xoltan expression!
Dam: V Hera vom Schwarzbachkai, Sch. 2


We have had Zorro vom Haus Brezel for about 8 months now. He is about 75 lbs. and full of life. He must have a toy in his mouth whenever he greets someone. We have never seen him when his tail isn't wagging and his eyes are not full of love and happiness. We love him very much. Thank you."

Proud Owners: Jeff and Andrea Dyke
Monroe, NC

Zorro vom Haus Brezel
8 mo. old male
Dam: V Donna  vom Sabrina's Paradise, Sch. 2


Mark vom Schwarzbachkai
Dam: Hera vom Schwarzbachkai, Sch. 2

Proud Owners: Bob & Betty Johnson of Boca Raton, FL


Dear Toni:

This is a random photo of Xano at 11 mo. just taken yesterday after he went to the dog park and a romp in the brook. He is an amazing dog in every conceivable way. He is obviously a handsome dog, but his temperament, character and intelligence are his most impressive attributes from our perspective. We find that people are just drawn to him. Keep up the great work in producing your wonderful German Shepherd Dogs.

Dr. Randy Curnow and Mabel
Waynesville, NC

Xano vom Haus Brezel
Dam: V Bella vom Haus Brezel, Sch. 2


Xanno vom Haus Brezel
(9 week old male)
Dam: V Bella vom Haus Brezel
Gr. Sire: VA1 Lasso vom Neuen Berg, Sch. 3
Proud Owners: Dr. Randy & Mabel Curnow of Waynesville, NC


Bridget vom Shafferhund

Burocko vom Shafferhund

Bronson vom Shafferhund
Dam: Eva vom Haus Brezel


Britta v.d. Vier Raben
: Ilka v.d. Kronenperle


Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds
Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds
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Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds
Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds Haus Brezel German Shepherds
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